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NTEU WA Casuals Network

NTEU Time Tracker Launch

The launch meeting of the Casuals Network which took place on Monday 4 December included a robust discussion on the purpose of the group and launched the NTEU WA Marking Time Tracker, a custom-built tool to assist in keeping accurate records around time worked.

While still in its testing phase, the beta-version of the Tracker can be downloaded through the links below to allow you to get an idea of its functionality. Each branch has a Tracker tailored to their pay rates and marking clauses as per their current Agreements.

We'd appreciate if you could download the Tracker and send through any feedback around ease of use, detail any glitches you come across and provide suggestions to

Please fill out the form below to access the Tracker. 

I would like to download a marking time tracker

Are you a current NTEU member?

Confirmation that the button is working. Please let Stuart know

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