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 About the UNDA Branch 

The NTEU UNDA Branch office is located on the UNDA Fremantle campus.

Room 103 Building ND4
Fremantle/Walyalup WA 6160
Noogar Boodjar
p: 0447 300 668
Your NTEU Organiser is Beth Cole
Looking for help with an issue at work? 
Read through our helpful guide on the best way to get the support you need.

NTEU UNDA Branch Committee

Branch President: Patrick Hampton
Vice President (General Staff): John Zahrt UNDA Sydney
Branch Secretary: Dan Elias
Branch Committee Members:
Richard Hamilton 
Laura Fitzgerald 
Jenny Conlon 
Sean Kearney
Rosemary (Rosie) Hancock 

Your UNDA Workplace Representatives (WPRs)


Workplace Reps (WPRs) are the first point of contact for members with questions about their working conditions. They are also the face of the union, providing members with the latest information about campaigns such as enterprise bargaining, and informing the NTEU Branch of any problems arising in the area.


Workplace Reps welcome new staff to the workplace, explain the role of the NTEU, support members with problems, and encourage new staff to join. They put up union posters, distribute union materials and contribute to Branch bulletins. WPRs receive training from NTEU and ongoing support and development opportunities.

If there is no WPR in your work area, think about becoming one and get in contact with your UNDA Branch Organiser, to talk about how you can help the union and your workmates. Or fill in this form

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