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 Curtin Branch: Your New EBA 

Your new EBA is here.​

After almost a year of active bargaining, lots of union actions and determination, your new EBA is here. The next task is to make sure that senior management adhere to the Agreement and we are vigilant in enforcing the rights and conditions NTEU members won for all Curtin staff.


This Agreement holds significant improvements on the former EBA that would not have been achieved without you - the members of the NTEU Curtin Branch.

Find out more about the 44 improvements to the EBA won by the efforts of you, members of the NTEU Curtin Branch by downloading the Highlights document below - use it as a reference when reading your new EBA.

If you are a Curtin staff member and not yet a member of the NTEU, we urge you to join your union to have the advice, support and benefits you receive as a union member.

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