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It's time to talk about casuals...

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Despite "insecure work" being identified by Curtin staff as one of the most important issues to them, there is very little in this offer that will reassure casual staff that their concerns are being prioritised by senior management. 

Senior management are not putting sufficient emphasis on the needs of casuals and those employed in insecure work:

  • Scheduling the non-union ballot at a time when most casuals would be ineligible to vote.

  • Making an offer that contains little to address the bulk of issues around casuals' insecure work in any real way.

  • Excluding our most vulnerable staff members from receiving the $1000 "bogus bonus" - if senior management is handing out cash, why not to the members of our community that might need it the most?

Remember these points as we move into protected industrial action!

We need to get back to bargaining to ensure casuals and others in insecure work receive the remuneration, respect and consideration that they deserve.

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