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Why a 'casuals network'?

Early in 2023, NTEU WA Branch Committee Casual Representatives got together to discuss creating a platform and space for tertiary sessional/casual staff to come together to share their experiences in the sector and build the power to enforce their rights and fight for what they deserve.


As NTEU UWA Branch Committee Casual Rep, Grace Brooks, explains: 

"Although there are many casual workers in the sector, and some of us have been casual workers for years, the nature of the work means there are unique challenges to regularly meeting-up with your colleagues to discuss the issues affecting us and our workplaces. The main purpose of the Casuals Network is to provide that regular space where casuals across different workplaces can coordinate campaigns, strengthen our activism, and build worker power. 
In this most recent round of bargaining, we won a number of improvements for casuals, but this won’t mean much unless we have the activism and strength to enforce those rights and push for more improvements. This group will ensure there is consistent advocacy and campaigns for casual workers specifically."

Casuals have very specific issues to face in the workplace and the NTEU has been campaigning around improving the rights and conditions of casual workers especially in this most recent round of bargaining.
We want to hear from you. This is a casual members-lead network and it can only become more robust and effective if we unite. So many of our workplaces isolate us but here we can come together. 

Your Casual Reps are:
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