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 Bargaining at UNDA


Management has made UNDA staff an offer but unlike the promise that it would be "reasonable, fair and sustainable", it isn't. 

At a special meeting on Monday 19 June, NTEU UNDA Branch members voted unanimously to reject the offer in as well to initiate a Protected Action Ballot Order (PABO) process through the following resolutions:

We, the NTEU members of Notre Dame at this meeting, reject management’s current pay and superannuation offer. UNDA is one of the lowest paid universities in the sector, and the only university that has superannuation below 17%, we deserve pay that recognises our commitment and hard work.

We, the NTEU members of Notre Dame at this meeting, endorse initiating a Protected Action Ballot (PABO) process in support of the Union's claims in enterprise bargaining and give the bargaining team discretion over timeframe in which to apply for a PABO

Moved: Richard Hamilton

Seconded: Daniel Elias

NDA management's pay offer 8% over 3 years. The NTEU's counteroffer is 15% over 3.5 years and NDA management's super offer 0.75% over 3 years. The NTEU's counteroffer is 1.5% over 3.5 years

We very much hope that management will respond positively and constructively to our counteroffers but this vote by members gives us the necessary resources to respond should this not be the case.


Please remember that if the branch goes to a Protected Action Ballot Order which then allows for the process of initiating industrial action, you cannot participate in any mandated industrial action unless you are a member of the NTEU. If you know of anyone who is not yet a member of the NTEU, forward them this email and urge them to join:


Find out more about PABOs and industrial action here.

What are we bargaining for?

The NTEU UNDA Branch Log of Claims (LoC) is what has formed the basis of bargaining with senior management for the next Staff Agreement. The process of deciding what goes into a LoC involves consultation with members as well as input from the NTEU's executive, legal and industrial teams.

You can read more about the process here

The NTEU UNDA Branch LoC was sent to senior management in June 2022 but negotiations did not commence until later in 2022. The Branch is now in active bargaining.

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